University of Miskolc

The building of the Academy at Selmecbánya in a
contemporary picture postcard
The ascendant of the University of Miskolc is the mining-metallurgical educational institution (Bergschule), was established in Selmecbánya in 1735 by Charles III, where the mining-metallurgical knowledge was taught earliest in the world. The institution was reorganised to Academy by Mary Therese in 1762. From 1846 forestry was also taught at the Academy. After the Austro-Hungarian conciliation the language of teaching became Hungarian instead of the former German, and the name of the institution changed into Hungarian Royal Academy of Mining and Forestry. After the peace treaty in Trianon Selmecbánya became the part of Czechoslovakia, so the Academy had to move, and Sopron accepted the homeless institution.

The entrance of the University
The Hungarian Parliament in Act XXIII ordered „to increase technical professional training and for that purpose to establish the Technical University of Heavy Industry in Miskolc. The University is divided into the faculties of mining- and metallurgical engineering”. In this way in Miskolc the university came into being which consisted of the Faculties of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering settled from Sopron and the freshly founded Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The request to change the educational system led to the faculties of social sciences added to the existing technical ones. In 1981 big changes began in the life of the university.

Graduating students farewell from the city

The education of lawyers began at that time. The next step of the development was in 1987, when the education of economists was followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Economists in 1990. The name of the university changed into University of Miskolc (abbreviation: UM) in 1990. In 1992 the Institution of Arts was founded which rose to faculty rank in 1997. In 1997 the Miskolc section of Liszt Ferenc Musical College joined our university as Bartók Béla Music Institute


The modern Uni-Hotel
The Comenius Teacher Training School became a college faculty of the University of Miskolc from 1 January 2000. The college level basic training of Healthcare Institute was established with the specialisation of district nurse in 2001.
The University of Miskolc was built on an area of 82 hectare as an independent district (campus) outside of the city. This makes it possible to modernize and enlarge the infrastructure, for which the demand is higher and higher of the more than 14000 students studying at the seven faculties of the university and almost 2000 teachers and workers.