Detailed program

7th International Congress on Precision Machining

ICPM 2013
3-5 October, 2013.

Opening Session

Thursday, 03 October MRC-HAS (MAB Székház)
Welcome address by the chairman of the congress
Prof. Dr. J. Kundrák
Opening address by the rector of the University of Miskolc
Prof. Dr. A. Torma
Welcome address by the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
Prof. Dr. E. Bertóti

Plenary papers

MRC-HAS (MAB Székház)

  Chairmen: Mamalis, A.G.,
    Kundrák, J.
  Secretary: Felhő, C.
The effect of shockwaves on advanced manufacturing
Mamalis, A.G.
Dexterous machine tools – a vision or reality?
Möhring, H.-C.
Surface grain coarsening and surface softening during machining of ultra-fine grained titanium
Kaptay, G., Symonova, A.A., Verezub, O.N., Sycheva, A.A., Verezub, N.V., Havin, V.L.
On the development of machine controller systems with enhanced facility for process monitoring integration
Morgan, M.N., Moruzz, J.J., Allanson, D.R. and Chen, X.
Advanced materials and processes in metal forming
Tisza, M.
Improving the efficiency of the cutting tool made of ceramic when machining hardened steel by applying nano-dispersed multi-layered coatings
Vereschaka, A.S., Grigoriev, S.N., Tabakov, V.P., Sotova, E.S., Vereschaka, A.A. and Kulikov, M.Y.



City Hotel

Session 1: Cutting tools

  Chairmen: Möhring, H-C.
    Varga, G.
  Secretary: Sztankovics, I.

Detail study and analysis of durability for selected cutting materials according to taylor's theory
Duplák, J., Čuma, M. and Kormoš M.

Improvement of working capacity of carbide tools for machining rail wheel pairs
Vereschaka, A.S., Kulikov, M.Y., Vereschaka, A.A., Florov, A.V., Popov A.Y. and Maung, S.

Tool life and wear mechanism of coated Si3N4 ceramic tools in turning grey cast iron
Kuzin V. and Grigoriev S.N.

Finishing methods of tools functional surfaces
Lukovics I. and Čop J.

Shape investigation of worn cutting inserts with utilization of active triangulation
Morovič, L., Vagovský J. and Buranský I.

Comparison of round insert's lifetime when milling inconel 718
Mrkvica I. and Janoš M.

Experimental research of cutting performance and quality abilities of modern drilling tools
Palásti-Kovács, B., Sipos S. and Szalóki I.

Environmentally conscious manufacturing: the effect of metalworking fluid in high speed machining
Hricova J.

Session 2: Machining Processes

  Chairmen: Gawlik, J.
    Kodacsy, J.
  Secretary: Szabó, G.

Applying projective geometry in design of worm manufacturing
Balajti Z. and Ábel J.

The role of polymer binder in ceramic injection moulding
Bleyan D. and Hausnerova B.

Machining of non-homogeneous composite material with natural fibers reinforcement and hdpe matrix
Hutyrová, Z. Zajac J. and Fecova V.

Precision machining and optimisation of cutting conditions
Madl  J.

Experimental investigation of tool breakage in micro drilling of EN AW-5083 Aluminium
Szalay, T., Patra K. and Farkas B.Z.

Static-stiffness analysis of a roll-bending machine of high-power
Szilágyi, A., Takács G. and Barna B.

Studies on the machinability of HSD steel
Münder R.

Health effects from occupational exposure to metalworking fluid mist
Semanová P. and Kučera M.

Session 3: Tools & Abrasive machining

  Chairmen: Vereschaka, A.S.
    Mátyási, Gy.
  Secretary: Sztankovics, I.

Wear rate of CBN cutting tool in hard turning of 100Cr6 bearing steel
Ráczkövi L.

Development of technological means for formation of multilayer composite coatings, providing increased resistance of carbide tools, for different machining conditions
Tabakov V.P. and Vereschaka A.S.

Development of assisted filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition of nano-dispersed multi-layered composite coatings on cutting tools
Vereschaka A.A.

New ways at the fine grinding
Novak M.

Development of cutting technology in strong alkaline water
Tanabe, I. , Soe, Y.H., Iyama T. and Shibuyta M.

Cutting tool life in machining at various speeds
Pálmay Z.

Hard cutting and diamond burnishing of 100Cr6 steel bearings
Líska, J., Líska K. and Kodácsy J.

High accuracy honing of poligon surfaces of bores
Szabó O.

Session 4: Abrasive machining

  Chairmen: Neslusan, M.
    Markopoulos, A.P.
  Secretary: Szabó, G.

Detection of surface damage after grinding of large case–hardened bearing rings
Čilliková, M., Neslušan, M., Kolařík K. and Mičúch M.

Research of grinding material tools by modern grinding wheels
Čop J. and Lukovics I.

Technological method for the finishing process of fusible alloy
Kulikov, M.U., Inozemtsev V.E. and Oo M.N.

Norton vitrium3 – revolutionary grain adhesion
Kiss S.

Burr formation in metal cutting operations and some deburring methods
Kodácsy J. and Szabó A.

Application of superfinishing to curved surfaces
Miura, K., Yamada, T., Takahashi M. and Lee H.S.

Simulation of grinding process of polycrystalline superhard materials
Grabchenko, A.I., Fedorovich, V.A., Pyzhov, I., Fadeev, V., Babenko E. and Klimenko V.

The influence of cutting conditions on surface roughness during steel X38CrMoV5 grinding
Novak M. and Náprstková N.

Session 5: Hard machining

  Chairmen: Csibi, V.
    Durakbasa, N.M.
  Secretary: Szabó, G.

Study of the effect of the cutting force decomposition on machined surface when hard turning
Beňo J. and Maňková I.

Finite element analysis of orthogonal hard turning with different tool geometries
Farkas B.Z.

Effect of workpiece hardness on surface microgeometry when hard turning with ceramic inserts
Maňková, I., Beňo J. and Vrabel' M.

Study of elastic deformations in hard turning
Mičietová, A., Neslušan M. and Mrkvica I.

Precision milling of hardened steel with cbn tools
Matras, A., Zębala W., and Kowalczyk R.

Hardened steel turning by means of modern cbn cutting tools
Ślusarczyk Ł. and Struzikiewicz G.

Goodness indicator and technological optimization of honing
Szabó O.

Session 6: Analysis of surfaces I.

  Chairmen: Mankova, I.
    Mikó, B.
  Secretary: Sztankovics, I.

Influence of tool path orientation on the surface roughness when end ball milling rounded surfaces
Beňo, J.,  Mikó, B., Maňková I. and Vrabel' M.

Coherencies of temperature and surface roughness by milling procedure
Fecova, V., Michalik, P., Zajac, J., Hanisko E., and Zajac J.

Machining and its influence to surface quality of machine parts
Holesovsky, F., Novak, M., Lattner M. and Vyslouzil T.

Comparison of theoretical and real surface roughness in face milling with octagonal and circular inserts
Felho C. and Kundrák J.

Influence of the lead angle from the vertical axis milling on effective radius of the cutter
Peterka J. and Pokorny P.

Surface roughness modeling and prediction by ANN when drilling udimet 720
Vrabel', M., Maňková I. and Beňo J.

Investigation of surface roughness while ball milling process
Bilek, O., Samek D. and Suba O.

Session 7: Process modelling and simulation

  Chairmen: Fedorovich, V.
    Szalay, T.
  Secretary: Szabó, G.

Up to date mathematical model for analysing of cylindrical worm power with bevel-gear
Balajti Z. and Toth M.N.

Determination of the mechanical properties of thermally treated recycled glass based on nano-indentation measurement and FEM supported simulation
Jamal M. and Morgan M.

Advanced CNC programming methods for multi-axis precision machining
Grigoriev, S.N. Kutin A. and Turkin M.

Micropositioning system with flexure hinges for microfactories
Lates, D., Noveanu S. and Csibi V.I.

Achievement of precision accuracy of openings in gas turbine engines details
Kulikov, M.Y., Rygin R.E. and Nechaev D.A.

Tool profile generation by boolean operations on ball nuts
Hegedűs G. and Takács G.

Mathematical simulation of kinematics of vibrating boiling granular medium at treatment in the oscillating reservoir
Fedorovich, V.A. and Mitsyk, A.V.

Session 8: Analysis of surfaces II.

  Chairmen: Zebala, W.
    Palásti-Kovács, B.
  Secretary: Sztankovics, I.

Effect of the working diameter to the surface quality in free-form surface milling
Mikó B. and Beňo J.

Comparison of roughness and profile between ELID and ground surfaces
Novak, M., Kasuga H. and Ohmori H.

Improving the HSC linear motor milling machine contouring accuracy
Pandilov Z. and Dukovski V.

Surface integrity of metal spun parts
Šugár, P., Šugárová J. and Petrovič J.

Effects of technological parameters on the surface texture of burnished surfaces
Varga G.

Research of surface finish during titanium alloy turning
Zębala, W., Gawlik, J. Matras, A., Struzikiewicz G. and Ślusarczyk Ł.

Surface roughness after machining and influence of feed rate on process
Čep, R., Janásek, A., Petrů, J., Sadílek, M., Mohyla, P., Valíček, J., Harničárová M., Czán A.

Session 9: Non-conventional machining

  Chairmen: Holesovsky, F.
    Maros, Z.
  Secretary: Ráczkövi, L.

Influence of welding parameters to quality of welds from structural steel
Hatala, M., Orlovský I. and Radchenko S.

Effect of load energy on the form of the gap at waterjet cutting
Maros Z.

Generation of microelectrodes for micro EDM
Miura, K., Kohmo, S.I., Yamada T. and Lee H.S.

Is there a limit to nanoscale mechanical machining?
Oluwajobi A.O. and Chen X.

Molecular dynamics modelling of nanometric cutting
Markopoulos A.P. and Kalteremidou K.A.L.

Integral characteristics of triangulation 3D models of products
Grabchenko, A.I., Dobroskok, V.L., Garashchenko Y.N. and Abdurajimov L.N.

Precision manufacturing process of parts realized by FDM rapid prototyping
Novakova-Marcincinova, L., Novak-Marcincin J. and Janak M.

Precision assembly process with augmented reality technology support
Novak-Marcincin, J., Barna J. and Torok J.

Session 10: Machining accuracy

  Chairmen: Kutin, A.
    Horváth, M.
  Secretary: Felhő, C.

Trends in precision manufacturing based on intelligent design and advanced metrology
Durakbasa, M.N., Bas, G., Bauer J.M. and Poszvek G.

Verification of manufacturing accuracy of mathematically defined shaped surfaces on 3D CNC milling machine
Kráľ J. and Kráľ J.

Finite element investigation of acetabular cups used during revisionist surgery
Monostori R.

Contact measurement of flatness of parts with low rigidity
Samardžiová, M., Kováč M. and Necpal M.

Dependence of shape deviations and surface roughness in the hardened steel turning
Struzikiewicz G. and Otko T.

Stress modelling in curved parts of short fibres reinforced plastic products
Suba, O., Sykorova L. and Bilek O.

Neural network assisted particle swarm optimization of machining process
Zuperl U. and Cus F.

PMMA surface structure within CO2 laser micro-machining
Sykorova, L., Suba O. and Lukovics I.

Session 11: Modelling of machining processes

  Chairmen: Tisza, M.
    Tanabe, I..
  Secretary: Ráczkövi, L.

Determination of the chip width and the undeformed chip thickness in rotational turning
Sztankovics I. and Kundrák J.

Cutting data influence on cutting forces and surface finish during sintered carbide turning
Zębala W. and Kowalczyk R.

Investigation of residual stresses in case of hard turning of case hardened 16MnCr5 steel
Szabó G. and Kundrák J.

Validation of 3D finite element simulation of chip removal process performed by unique insert geometry
Takács M.

Preliminary study of ozone utilization in elimination of bacterial contamination in metalworking fluids
Gerulová, K., Buranská, E., Tatarka O. and Szabova Z.

ANFIS building methodology for the task of cutting tool condition diagnosis using MATLAB software
Zaloha, V.O., Zinchenko R.M. and Honshchyk A.V.

Session 12: Production processes

  Chairmen: Morgan, M.
    Illés, B.
  Secretary: Felhő, C.

On the multi-level unit load formation model
Illés B. and Bognár G.

On the development of machine controller systems with enhanced facility for process monitoring integration
Morgan, M.N., Moruzzi, J.J., Allanson D.R. and Chen X.

Sensitivity analysis of road transport by sensibility of production-function
Illés B. and Németh J.

Introducing a risk-management concept for holonic manufacturing supply chains
Skapinyecz R. and Illés B.

Verification of process fluids in mass production
Zajac, J., Mitaľ D. and Michalik P.

Flexible manufacturing system for drawingless manufacturing
Košťál P. and Sobrino D.R.D.

Laser micro-machining and temperature field simulation
Sykorova, L., Suba O. and Knedlov J.